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Kirbys arcade & casino shuttle memphis tn -

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Rita Eisenstein Classified Ads Manager: Scott Bakula will continue tripping through time this fall — aided, of course, by Dean Stockwell.

Impressed with the show"s surging ratings after its return to Wednesdays. NBC gave Quantum Leap an early renewal. There'll be all-new episodes and some format tinkering.

Most astonishing is the return of Marty McFly. Lloyd and Michael J. Fox will voice their ani- mated alter-egos.

The Future films' co- writer Bob Gale is in charge. Each animated episode will include appropriate and presumably blackly comic musical numbers. But that' s not all.

ABC will also unveil the adventures of Darkwing Duck. This Disney cartoon spoof of Batman among others has al- ready previewed on the Disney Channel and premieres with 65 new episodes in syndication as part of the Disney Afternoon programming block.

ABC will air an additional 13 Darkwing Duck half- hours. As previously noted here. Warming up in the wings for a fall "92 bow on FBC is the Batman cartoon series 65 episodes, many by comics writ- ers who've scripted Batman.

Star Trek VI is still in front of the cameras. Although numerous plot twists are being kept secret, two elements have been repeatedly discussed in public by Trek cast and crew, so it's now no secret that Klingons are involved in this sequel and that Sulu George Takei at last and deservedly gets his own command the U.

And the guest cast? It's a formidable mixture of Trek veterans and intriguing newcomers led by the beloved Mark Lenard as Sarek.

And each piece is crafted of karat gold electroplate or sterling silver electroplate on solid pewter and set on a lead crystal base.

The playing board is crafted of aluminum and glass, depicting a dimensional star map. It's the only chess set of its kind. And its unlike anything else in the entire universe.

Available exclusively from The Franklin Mint. Crafted in karat gold or sterling silver electroplate on solid pewter. Please mail by Stardate Send me The Official star trek' Chess Set consisting of 32 imported playing pieces.

I need send no payment now. I will also receive the custom- designed metallic and glass imported chess- board at no additional charge.

Jack Batman Palance and Whoopi Goldberg but not as Guinan were briefly cast possibilities, but their schedules have apparently made it impossible for them to appear.

Some readers may have already heard the most tantalizing bit of casting — which was originally intended to be a secret until Paramount publicity releases, various Trek con guests and computer bulletin board reports all independently announced it.

He does not play The Next Generation' i Worf. Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell co-stars. Randal Kleiser — who helmed Disney's Flight of the Navigator — replaces Jeremiah Chechik on the sequel which starts lensing shortly for a summer '92 release.

The script's by Thom Night of the Comet Eberhardt. Harmony Gold is producing two new TV movies. The Lost World and Return to the Lost World for possible airing as a four- hour mini-series , both based on Doyle's previously filmed classic.

The Pirates of Dark Water beg! Suburban Commando — previewed last issue — has moved its release to August. James Horner is composing the music for The Rocketeer.

Starman's Charlie Martin Smith directed. Mick Jagger's the villain, Vacendak. Emilio Estevez stars as his quarry. Beetlejuice's Winona Ryder gets to deal with the undead again when she meets up with Dracula in yet another film version of the Bram Stoker tale.

Jim Hook Hart scripted. Francis Ford Coppola will direct. Brigitte Nielsen, once the screen's Red Sonja, takes up the genre gauntlet. There's a new apeman in this neck of the jungle.

Worldvision is in production on a syndicated one-hour TV series for this fall featuring a more environmentally con- cerned Tarzan.

Lydie Night Angel Denier will play Jane. The new ape guy's Wolf Dynasty Larson. Movies deemed especially tentative are denoted by asterisks.

Changes are reported in "Updates. Through the Portal of Time. An American Tail 2. Memoirs of an Invisible Man. I Blew Up the Baby. The Collector's Edition from Columbia House Video, uncut, unedited and free from commercial interruption.

Spock is accused of mutiny when he takes control of the Enterprise then defends himself with ari astounding reenactment of the first journey of the Starship.

Preview this double-adventure cassette for 10 days risk-free. Each Collector's Edition videocassette includes two complete episodes vdth Stardate and original airdate information for the true collector Preview each for 10 days, risk-free.

There is no minimum to buy and you may cancel at any time. For fastest service, use your credit card and call toll-free, The Collector's EdUum under the terms described at left.

Check method of payment: Date Signature Name Address. All subscriptions subject to review. Columbia House Video reserves the right to reject or cancel any subscription.

Applicable sales tax added to all orders. Columbia House Video, P. Even Death takes a holiday, and boy, can he use one.

Death is when the monsters get you. Death is the audience before which we will all per- form someday.

Sigmund Freud remarked that "the goal of all life is death. We're all fascinated by the fact that Death will eventually seek out each of us. Death becomes, quite literally, the final frontier.

It's because of this that a great deal of fantasy and science fiction has been de- voted to the subject.

However, unlike de- scribing a voyage to Mars, the job of telling a story involving some aspect of Death al- ways carries with it a sense of whistling in the dark.

Science has been working at narrowing down the technical nature of Death since the moment when the first caveman got stomped upon by a mastodon. The valley of Death The fantastic exploration of Death has" usually exploited the sometimes comforting idea that there's more to it than simply obli- vion.

It's an idea worth considering. Human thought, which is often linked to the soul, is a product of electrical activity within the brain. The law of Conservation of Energy tells us that energy can be transformed, but it can't be created or destroyed..

Signals sent out from a radio transmitter still exist even if the transmitter is later destroyed. If the hu- man brain dies, or is later destroyed, then the thoughts it generated might likewise still exist in some state somewhere.

Think about that the next time you hear chains rattling in the dark. But what's the connection between free human energy and Patrick Swayze walking through walls?

Electromagnetic energy has documented characteristics, and none of them involve forming into a cohesive mass which is capable of thought and communica- tion.

In his novel Mort, Terry Pratchett men- tions souls being held in place by their "characteristic morphogenetic fields. Always and the recently released Alice: Philosophy and religion, as far back as the Old Testament, spoke of the body and soul as two separate areas.

Where does one sur- vive if the other fails? Mention was made of unusual energy states associated with spirit phenomena in Poltergeist and Ghosthusters.

Different energy states abound. Perhaps one of those states is a type of rarefied plasma which can be tapped by the budding nervous system activity of a newly conceived life.

This "spirit" is collected by the "antenna" of a living being and. All forms of energy can undergo transformations and.

Death comes In all forms, and even puts on the ritz, donning top hat and tails for special occasions. Throughout a person's life, one's conscious will holds an expected image of what he or she is.

After death, when the nervous system is no longer ca- pable of focusing the spirit within the body, the conscious will retains that image. Amputees sometimes experience a version of this in what is known as the "phantom limb" phenomenon.

Even though they have lost an arm or a leg, their spirit still holds the complete image. Larry Niven's stories of "Gil the ARM" revolved around a man whose will was powerful enough to utilize his "phantom" arm as a real one.

In the film Zardoz. It could be that the energy of the spirit, if held for far too long, begins to dissipate, leaving a body which is still alive, but extremely listless.

Sort of like public access television. But how does a spirit become visible or. In Topper and its sequels, remakes and TV version , the ghostly Kirbys explained that they had to use ectoplasm in order to be seen and touched.

Ectoplasm was the word created by a French psychologist. Charles Richet, to describe the physical manifestations of spiritual encounters there seems to be an eerie connection between French scientists and close encounters.

Neither the Kirbys nor Sam Wheat acted as if they were overly fa- miliar with Albert Einstein's theories, but. Perhaps in designing a ghost-proof house, one could take into ac- count the fact that energy would have diffi- culty transmitting itself through incredibly dense materials.

A house made of uranium, iridium or osmium might prove effective. Surrounding the home with a powerful mag- netic field, or a particle accelerator, might also work.

Egon Spengler may know for sure. Spengler and his col- leagues, the Ghosthusters could well prove that the study of the Afterlife will soon be more suited to the research lab than the halls of philosophy.

Back in , Boris Karloff was attempting to locate brain waves from beyond the grave in The Devil Commands. The good news was that he was successful in proving that conscious thought could exist after death.

The bad news is that he was stealing corpses in order to make his point. In a somewhat more sanitary vein the scientists of Brainstorm and the medical students of Flatliners dis- covered that the process of death launches the human consciousness towards a different plane of existence, a location which escapes the standard definitions.

This other world, sometimes named Heaven, Paradise, Valhalla. There, a scientific experiment involv- ing polarized electrical fields managed to create an artificial doorway to the other di- mension known as "The Borderland.

Once we're free of our bodies, we may be able to perceive a much richer universe. Films such as Poltergeist and Ghost show that spirits are drawn to this other dimension, sometimes against their will.

But there are circumstances which allow a spirit to remain in contact with the earthly plane. The over- riding dedication which a person felt for a particular duty might hold a spirit in place, as with the phantom librarian in Ghosthusters.

The need for a member of a family to perform a heroic deed might con- demn a ghost to imprisonment within his home, as with The Canterville Ghost or the Revolutionary-era Lou Costello re- quired to haunt until Bud Abbott helped clear him in The Time of Their Lives Captain Daniel Gregg was so enamored of the sea.

Concern or curiosity about the life of a loved one have brought ghosts back to influence their lives in A Guy Named Joe Blackheanl's Ghost returned to help out his relatives, too.

Not only was Marley able to pass back from the Afterlife to deliver a warning, but he was able to introduce Scrooge to three spirits who had apparently decided to remain on Earth to personify different aspects of the Christmas season.

These ghosts were dis- tantly related to Hap in Always, a gentle ap- parition who enlisted the aid of recent Afterlife arrivals in the instruction of those still among the living.

There's also a school of thought, albeit a small one. Death Be Not Proud Ghosts appear to be creatures of ex- tremes. Any guilt or happiness which they carried through life is magnified after death.

The indifference which Jacob Marley felt towards other people literally weighed his soul down, bursting into raw torment as he became a ghost.

In Ghost, the guilt of both Carl Bruner and Willie Lopez was enough to have their spirits ruthlessly denied the comforting peace granted to Sam Wheat.

There are places in the world which seem to hold a great deal of meaning to ghosts, an- choring them there for one reason or another as in 's The Haunting or 's The Uninvited.

A living conscience becomes the seed that guides the behavior of a spirit after death maturing into endless joy.

Not only guilt or happiness, but good, evil, love and hatred can also be magnified once freed of the constrictions of tJesh.

Emeric Belasco was reputed to be perverse and demented in life: And Stephen King wrote about a Good is quietly magnified into spirits who could help you become a better pilot, or get your life in order.

When evil passes beyond life, you end up with little girls talking to TV sets, or hotel walls dripping with blood. Yoda may have been correct about the bright side of the Force being more powerful, but the dark side definitely knows how to make an entrance.

Then, there's the problem of the body which the spirit has left behind. Usually, it's laid to rest and that's that. Richard Matheson wrote about how a certain viral disease could reanimate corpses into a semblance of what they were in life, thus providing the mythology of the vampire.

Another legend involves the Haitian sto- ries of the zombie: The le- gend is based, as shown in 's The Serpent and the Rainbow, on the practice of drugging an unsuspecting victim with a care- fully mixed array of poisons, reducing him to a comatose state which eventually de- stroys his higher mental faculties.

What's left is a lobotomized creature, more robot than human. Less easy to explain, and far more lethal, were the revived corpses of Night of the Living Dead A mysterious burst of radiation from space was reportedly responsible for the deceased leaving their graves though nuclear waste was also cited in other Living Dead mythology.

This was probably related to the same energy state which a newborn life taps into at the moment of conception, only this one worked on fully developed organisms which had been aban- doned by their host spirits, leaving only a physical shell motivated by basic — and mur- derou.

All the excitement of the story! Cash, check or money order payable to: Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Death of a Salesman The world they've traveled to is appar- ently inhabited and quite organized.

The newly arriving spirit can encounter a variety of kindred fellows, from the gentle Hap to the malicious Beast of Poltergeist.

In be- tween the two extremes has evolved a sort of civilization complete with news media which can be shaped to fit individual per- ceptions, and which even includes a complaint department That' s the Spirit or a service organization for new spirits, as seen in 's Beetlejiiice.

This organization apparently suffers from the same problems which plague bureaucracies back on Earth. Not only does it supply a breeding ground for charlatans such as Betelgeuse, but.

It can even be responsible for extending the final voyage, producing a grim and bewildering sham of life as depicted in 's Outward Bound remade in as Between Two Worlds.

There's also the problem of malicious spirits setting up shop for themselves, such as Mr. And the sadistic, crumbling labyrinth of Leviathan witnessed in "s Hellhound: The trauma of the experience could also cause people to wander through a sort of border state, neither wholly alive nor entirely dead, as in "s Carnival of Souls.

If there is life after death, then there is also judgment. Some petitioners may even find themselves Defending Your Life as Albert Brooks recently demonstrated.

But first, before judgment, there is Death itself Billions have died, their spirits moving on to other worlds, better worlds or as Philip Jose Farmer has postulated, Riverworld.

But there have come moments where the act of death has provided a face and a personality to match it. Perhaps, just as spirits leave life to travel onwards, one spirit has traveled from the opposite direction towards us, tak- ing the responsibility of being present at the end, of representing the middle ground be- tween life and beyond.

It has carried differ- ent faces and forms. In Greek mythology, it was Atrofws. Terry Pratchett wrote in Mort about an all-too-human character, watching sand sift throuah a multitude of hourglasses and listening to billions of biographies writing themselves.

Death is accidentally killed by a mortal who not only gets to assume the duties of the unfortunate entity, but also gets to cruise around in a cool car while on the job so who says Life has all the benefits?

In Richard Adams' Walership Down filmed in Death was the Black Rabbit of Inle who, although feared by all, delivered peace and honor to the deserving.

In The Seventh Seal , it was the black-robed Bengt Ekerot, leading the de- ceased away in a final dance and brilliantly spoofed by Sidney Davis in the short film The Dove.

It was an ominous shadow that turned into Fredric March in 's Death Takes a Holiday, taking on the iden- tity of a prince named Sirki.

It has made numerous appearances in, appropriately enough. Each presence has adapted itself to the perceptions of those who"ve met it, and each visit has been inevitable.

Death Takes a Holiday Personally, it might be preferable, to guys at least, if Death turns out to be what Neil Gaiman. Here, Death is a pretty young lady with a sweet smile, a sunny dfsposition and a kind word or two.

A considerable improve- ment over a cloaked skeleton with a scythe and a really grim disposition. Our legends and stories have told about how Death can be bargained with, wrestled against, screamed at.

It can even be trapped and held prisoner, as shown in the film On Borrowed Time. Death has usually had but one question, asking why it is so feared.

Whether a black rabbit, a wounded policeman or a pretty girl. Death brings an end to suffering and hardship. After Death, there are no more questions.

After Death, there is ultimately peace. But we continue to fear Death. Our sto- ries and films have given it human shapes and, too often, human characteristics.

What we fear is something we can identify with that possesses such a final power. Someone we can see who is ultimately unbiased, to- tally fair, and who can never, ever be stopped.

The time will come when we"ll all indeed be playing in front of that final audi- ence. Those of us who enjoy the world of the fantastic can"t help but be aware that we"re living in an audition and, when the curtain goes up, we"ll have but one performance and a final review.

Showtime, boys and girls. Be part of movie history, a gala celebration convention devoted to the upcoming release of the film ail of Hollywood is talking about: And now, for the very first time, fans are invited to a kick-off convention: This one time only, once in a lifetime day is one you won't want to miss.

Special preferred seating reserved tickets offering you a reserved seat all day in a preferred location in our auditorium is S To order tickets and preferred seating call and use credit cards: Kids 12 and under at the door only will be S Kids 6 and under free.

Write us for a free catalog of Terminator 2 merchandise. Celebrity addresses will not be given out. To avoid this, mark your letter "Please Withhold My Address.

It's that time of year again; The networks are preparing to let the ax fall on a number of poorly rated shows, and as usual, the few fantasy programs that have actually been allowed on the air are first in line at the chopping block.

Dark Shadows and Ttvin Peaks from cancellation. For The Flash, write; Jeff Sagansky. For Dark Shadows, write: NBC Entertainment president, W.

For Tnin Peaks, write: The networks may have already announced their programming decisions, so please write soon.

Even if some or all of them have already been cancelled by the time this letter is published, write anyway; with enough support, cancelled.

Kerry Keane's letter, published in ST. His reason- ing is faulty in several respects. Keane assumes that similarities between two pieces of fiction to which he's exposed are proof that one is the source of the other.

This is a re- current theme, of course, throughout literature and drama. The Defiant Ones comes to mind.

I can speak with certainty about another supposed "rip-off"; my episode, "Tin Man", which Keane alleges was taken from a Space: What makes Keane's letter offensive, rather than just a little sad, is his repeated use of the term "rip-off.

This is called plagia- rism, and offhand. I can't think of a more ob- noxious and infuriating charge to make against a writer.

It's untrue, and I wonder why someone would jump to such cynical and unjustified con- clusions about people he doesn't know.

Science fiction and fantasy are wonderful, but 1 would suggest to Mr. Keane that he broaden his exposure to other imaginative literature and drama, in the hope that he'll thus spare himself future embarrassment.

All science fiction fans need to do, if they want to see Space, is rent it at their local video store.

And as for Ne. The actors have established their characters in a unique fashion. But he's wrong when he writes that d'Artagnan waS entirely a fictional creation of.

He was born in Ga. France in and was killed June Athos, Porthos and Aramis were the assumed names of three musketeers whom d'Artagnan knew quite well.

There is no valid evidence that a real Robin Hood existed. The trio we know through fiction live far more vividly than most people we know.

Robin Hood and d'Artagnan! He's also the bi- ographer of Doc Savage and Tarzan of the Apes. Farmer' s new Doc Sarage novel.

The cover of STARLOG bearing photos of infantile humanoid characters in Nothing But Trouble depict the most repulsive travesties of the basically noble qualities of the human body that I've ever had the misfortune to witness.

The in- ventor of these gross monstrosities is saying to viewers. Konn as a boy. I've retained an avid interest in written science fiction and translations to visual media, and have been a faithful ST.

As a WW II veteran and retired biolo- gy teacher. Indeed, there is much I would like to forget. Your past covers and interior illustrations have been among the best, but with the cover of I'm reminded of the observation that many of the best horror movies have relied on the human imagination to.

We all have demons within us which a good director can invoke. Who needs this repulsive, hideous grossness? I enjoy an imaginative monster as well as the next fan.

It wouldn't have been so bad as a small interior photo, but as a cover, it's too much. Please be more discriminating in the choice of future cover material.

My second comment concerns the unnecessary and confusing background colors that you increas- ingly use for the text of your articles.

The mottled green background used in the Robert Day inter- view makes the text impossible to read. I've tried several times and simply can't bring myself to read it — it's utterly confusing and totally unneces- sary.

I will never know what it says. Your other- wise informative magazine is increasingly infested with this unnecessary clutter, and to what end? Our apologies to Day and ail readers who found it difficult to read.

Imagine a magazine anicle about a film set in the antebellum South that begins like this; "The time is the not-too-distant past.

Black people are owned as property; they have no status and no rights as human beings. Black women are forced to produce children that are sold as slaves.

But worst of all. And if the film reflected that attitude, it would be rightfully picketed by civil rights groups. I wonder why Jami Bernard began her ar- ticle on the film The Handmaid's Talc describing the horrors women undergo in Margaret Atwood's dystopia — and ended the paragraph by saying.

True, the article was about the filming process, not the book's plot. But what an asinine thing to say in context with The Handmaid's Tale, the stupid cliche that women only care about clothes!

Rob me of my human rights, steal my children, but don't take away my Giorgio originals! The Handmaid's Tale is only fiction for now.

But the book frightens me; it's as hard to ignore as Future Shock. Every woman I know who's read the book is also afraid because it's very close to being true.

The book's vision of women as powerless in- cubators, protected by a fa. It happened in Nazi Germany. I doubt German women complained about their off-the-rack dresses when they could be jailed for using birth control and executed for having an abortion.

Writers who use stereotypes for cheap laughs don't advance anything — least of all their writing ability. Jane Mai lander Address Withheld In the feature on director Adrian Lyne ST.

I feel it worth mentioning that this visual in fact originated in the mind of the writer Bruce Joel Rubin. The feature makes it seem that Lyne in- jected that element into the plot, but it existed from early screenplays.

I thought he did an exemplary job. The fault I hate to call it that , as I see it. In light of Lyne's renunciation of the auteur theory, this seems a panicularly unfortunate error.

Just a mi- nor point, perhaps, but one worth mentioning. Unknown, but it resists everythiing from a blow torch to a diamond drill.

Part of the robot police force of an unnamed alien organization dedicated to the mutual protection of planets and complete elimination of aggression.

Gort melts army artillery Witt his powerful 'eye-beam, ' Duties: Gort's companion, Klaatu, said, " In matters of aggression, we have given them absolute power over us.

This power cannot be revoked. At the first sign of violence, they act automatically against the aggressor. The penalty for provoking their action is too terrible to risk.

It is unclear If "Gort" Is the individual name of the robot that visited Earth or the generic name of all policing robots of his kind. From Ths Dav Tha Fanh.

No matter what your interest in Science Fiction, be it Television to Conventions or Fantasy to Quantum Mechanics you'll discover many informative and fun topics.

For the latest and greatest in Sci-R fun and happenings simply call Touch Tone Phones only. Night Of The Living Dead mint, best video available 2.

Jack The Ripper 3. Night Tide 4. Giant of Marathon 5. The Devil's Messenger 1 6. Tormented 1 7. Moke checks or money orders poyoble to: S Medford, OR Questions???

T "Are we nude? Fiction cum interview I think is what everyone expected. Here was Philip K, Dick talking appar- ently at random about writer's block.

He told the whole story in em- bryonic form. Curiously, he told the story gratis. Did he suspect in some way the end was growing near and he would never make the deadline, never write the book?

The conversation with Gwen Lee and Doris E. Sauter may have constituted in his mind, if only subconsciously, as an act of publication and a kind of insurance.

The novel is essentially there in the interview in cold type. The beginning, middle and end, the comedy and pathos, the reality shifts, the pointed metaphysical inversions, the pretzel plot, the character development Ed Firmley as Faust and Beethoven!

Details like time and place are sketchy, but the outline was complete enough to be sensible. Of course, we'll never know for sure.

Certainly in this interview, Dick occupied center stage, providing background material and theorizing at length. He sounded too well prepared and organized to be truly spontaneous.

He reminded me of himself as a character, a la Luigi Pirandello, in his books Vali. He couldn't have done better if he wrote the entire interview himself.

Which started me thinking. The interview as artistic creation? Like Lem's reviews of nonexistent books and introductions to yet -to- be-written tomes?

It had to be. But then, 1 ran across a Bernard Malamud quote stating that all autobiography was fiction. And what is an interview but an autobiography a half-.

Various questions and an- swers focusing on side issues radio, chess, etc. Maybe that's why Dick seemed "well prepared and organized.

Lee and Sauter will he ahle to present the complete page phis interview in hook form when they find a publisher Concerning the Philip K. Dick interview and his comments about self-authenticating statements.

I believe the word he meant was '"tautology," not "totality. Thanks anyway for the fa. Well, you did it again.

You printed two letters. In fact, in the last year. I suppose I should have been as "violent" in my support of the show as they were in their abuse.

The letters you printed are the same fodder that the same people have been dishing out for over a year. They are also the same people who continuously cried about the fact that their pre- cious Catherine wasn't dragging Vincent into her bedroom or moving below and "knitting mittens for kittens.

I did not find the third season any more vio- lent than the other two seasons. It was nowhere near as mundane as the first half of the second season and it was every bit as exciting as the first season.

I thought the two hour premiere left much to be desired, but the following shows were well thought out, gripping in their sus- pense, poignant and thought-provoking.

Though the emotions ran high and were very much in the negative, there still was no other show on T'V that evoked such response from me.

And there was so much potential to be pursued. The episodes "Walk Slowly. And though anything I've ever. But those who scream without a reason will never find a reason to stop.

We publish letters from all sorts of fans on alt sorts of subjects, e. We don't agree with all opinions expressed and neither do we e.

I must have picked up something in the char- acter of Diana that Diane Davis Communications, and others missed.

Diana's distant look and her ability to feel her way through situations made me feel she had empathic abilities. I think this was one reason Vincent was drawn to her.

Diana's unemotionalism and reticence is typical of people who have been hurt and who keep their feelings under control so they won't be hurt funher.

I think we would have learned a lot about Diana and her background, her family and why she went into police work, I think she would have turned into a very complex character and that's what the writers were aiming for.

We weren't given a full picture of her due to the brevity of the third season. It was hard accepting a new heroine; how- ever, I was willing to give Diana a chance.

Apparently, others were not, Rebekah Buffington Rt. This is noth- ing but sour grapes, and people like George Martin are being used as scapegoats.

These fans don't seem to want to look at the whole picture— that even had Linda Hamilton not left to have a baby and return to feature films, CBS was just waiting for a reason to can- cel this show.

Once the management changed, this series would have been doomed even had Hamilton not left the show. So, what good is continuing with this blame and anger now?

Let your anger go. The only people you hurt are yourselves. Thanks for your past articles on Alien Nation. Thank God for you or else our Alien Nationers J.

O, Box order to above address, Mt. Morris, IL See subscription ad this issue. Many people just loved this show, I among them, and the articles you put together were so well used that my copies are dog-eared, from display.

I just loved the article "Can Alien Nation be Saved? Cenain quotes I read over and over again. I f only wish that Barry Diiler wasn't such a lunkhead.

That show should still be on every week, pushing the barriers that it did. Which is why I'm writing. Please find some way to write about this show.

You handle de- funct shows all the time. Please keep Alien Nation alive, find different angles. Maybe the behind-the-scenes people like the makeup peo- ple, or the musicians who scored the show, up- dates on the wonderful stars or what Ken Johnson does in the future.

Or even the experi- ence of the fans. There are people who are com- mitted to this show still like me and we want it remembered and not to fall into obscurity.

Thank you for listening. Please don't let Alien Nation die in your pages. Matt and George forever! What a bunch of disturbers you guys are! Seems like every show I've ever really liked, starting with Manimal about a million years ago.

Ending on a positive note,. Will the novels mentioned coming from Pocket Books include these titles? All it takes is a push button phone!

Pick YOUR kind of music: If you are under 18 parental permission required. If you are calling from the following states, you may play the game for entertainment purposes only no prizes will be awarded: For complete rules and a free play send a self-addressed stamped envelope to TV Contest.

CA residents add 6. Spock'sl A new musical insirumem e. Display it proudly and appreciate it's stunning visual beauty; it's graceful design and warm, rich wood tones.

Anyone can play it, even if you've never played another musical instru- ment before. Each instrument is personally signed by Dominick Giovan- niello.

It's a terrific magazine, and keeps me in touch with the people and places in the "other real world. Being a fan of many wonderful past series produced by Mr.

The fact that a series of this quality ever made it to TV at all is a triumph. Quality programming needs time, promo- tion and network commitment to gain an audi- ence.

Alien Nation had none of these. The bottom line is money, and quality programs need more of it. Fox made a tragic mistake this season and hopefully, it will lead to necessary changes at the network, Barry Diller, is your resume up to date'?

Johnson was kind when he used the word "hubris" to describe what happened at Fox. I've been an avid fan of SF for over 15 years.

My first exposure to this genre was the original Star Trek TV series. I've been a die- hard Trekker and a big fan, 1 especially enjoy Star Trek: Logan's Run, Planet of the Apes.

Why hasn't there been a Space: I've often wondered whatever became of the Moon, Moonbase Alpha. Maya and Alan Carter. It was like Dr.

Russell said; after the ex- plosion, the Moon almost immediately entered a time warp that hurled it across the galaxy, light years away, 1 wonder if we'll ever know whatever became of the survivors'?

I'm a longtime reader of your magazine and have enjoyed it, but lately I've noticed that your articles have mainly focused on SF writers.

Yes, writers are very important to SF, but must you dwell on that aspect of the media every month? My interest in your magazine is slowly fad- ing.

What happened to feature stories on such topics as makeup, set design, costumes'? I have also become annoyed at articles which feature top actors and actresses that do not mainly discuss the roles that made them fa- mous.

It seems like the la. The zip and zing of its early days no longer exists. It has become a monthly lesson in literature. When conditions — like college — forced me to change jobs.

I had to get my own personal subscription and 1 find the magazine to be ju. I'm really glad to see your staff keeping up with the times and the cun'ent inter- ests of fans all over the country.

I'm especially pleased to see ST. RoS is an excellent show with a feeling for the reality of the Middle Ages. At least this Robin doesn't run around in a hat with a feather!

No, Robin actualK' wears a hood, as he ought. The authenticity, the fine acting, the beautiful locations, the haunting music and the excellent storylines which blend mysticism and adventure make this a show well worth watching.

Please, please, please continue to run articles on Rohin of Sherwood'. The show is worth it! Many people interested in science fiction are interested in cryonics as a means of being alive when science fiction becomes science fact.

Those interested should contact me at Each issue features 76 to 1 00 pages packed full of phoios some in full color and epi- sode guide reviews of sci-fi, fantasy, hor- ror, suspense, and adventure TV series!

Each issue is only S4. You can surt your subscription with any issue! The Man From Uncle, The. Covers' Wonder Woman, Ijat- man.

Around photos, a 60 page perfect-bound text, and a beautiful hill- color photo cover. Detailed articles about the Boston Convention, complete with many photos of how the actors look today.

Mumy, Angela Canwright, and Malta Kristen, plus the voice of Dick Tufeld the Robot's voice , who appeared on tape with the original Robot delivering hilarious new lines, specially recorded for this show.

The Los Angeles show, includes articles detail- ing the appearances there of Marta Kristen, Bob May, Bill Mumy and Jonathan Harris who again discuss with fans and their ca- reers and Lost in Space, relating their fond- est memories of the era.

Plus cover- age of other special Lost in Space conven- tions, including Jonathan Harris' first ap- pearance at a con ever, where he speaks for several hours at the Starbase Atlanta convention.

Included in this huge revised edition is twenty more pages around pages , fifty new phoios over total , and plenty of new LIS coverage - plus a beau- lifiil full-color photo cover.

Planning a Trip to the Stars: How the pilot was made, with photos of the sets, Gadgets, and cast. Includes a complete and comprehensive guide to all three seasons, including notes and a photo from each episode.

An ex- panded section includes new and old LIS collectables, including rare and unusual items. Coverage from cancellation to present, with new star biographies giving a history of each cast member on the show.

Coverage of ships, Muipment, and outer gear, wiui a photo ol each device. Please send a self-addressed. AR Guests: CA Free -Con E. MO Guest: Majel Barrett Benefits St.

Box New Orleans. LA 8. Frederik Pohl, Edward Bryant. Alberta Canada T2P 4j6 Guests: NY Guest: Jonathan Frid, Joan Bennett.

Roger Davis, Diana Millay. Westercon 44 Box Bentall Station. Canada V7X 1A2 Guests: Adam's Mark Hotel Indianapolis. Canada Ad Astra 1 1 P. MU Shon; Leave P.

TO 1 1 68 1 Guests: There's onlyroom for ' one to journey with it tor earth. Koenig doubts it is the paradise it seems,. NY Please indicate quantit.

California residents add 6. It is not our oversight. You haven't sent information to us. This is now a one-time-only per year listing.

To facilitate inclusion, please provide info in the style that follows, typed double-space. Eight monthly newsletters and four page quarterlies, autographed photo of Robert Hays and membership roster.

Additional photos may be given throughout the year. Free only cost is for club newsletter Membership includes: Role-playing, club newsletter Neutral Zone, and licensed Star Trek merchandise.

Starfleet Command personnel and other Star Trek role-playing clubs are welcome to join and contribute. Send SASE for information.

Box Nonh Hollywood. Make check or money order payable to WKI. Six bi-monthly newsletters per year. Membership kit includes 8x10 photo, membership card signed by Koenig, current newsletter, info on WKl committe, and a full listing of Koenig's work.

The Boston Star Trek. Box 1 Boston. Make check or money order payable to Boston Star Trek Association. Fellow Star Trek fans, bi- monthly newsletter, membership kit, outings and get-togethers, discounts, community involvement, stage plays and videos, fund-raising, the Media SF group, and the B.

Make checks payable to P. Six newsletters yearly, membership certificate, pen pal listing. George Takei 's credits, auction items, chance to order yearly fanzine Generation Gap.

Monthly SCL newsletter with member reviews of soundtracks in Score, a sister newsletter. Pen pal list is limited at present, but worldwide.

Club aimed at enjoying recreational activities, community services and attending conventions. Make checks or money orders payable to Starship Dark Flame.

A monthly newsletter, membership card, stationary, etc. Send SASE for more information. For the past year, Toshiba has been quietly marketing a 3-D camcorder for people who want to make their own 3-D videos, while a West Coast entrepreneur has developed a system for using your home VCR to view the dozens of 3-D movies made in Hollywood over the past 40 years.

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