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Doctor who twice upon a time

Doctor Who Twice Upon A Time Twice Upon A Time

Aus der Zeit gefallen ist die und letzte Episode der zehnten Staffel der Neuauflage der britischen Science-Fiction-Serie Doctor Who. In dieser Folge hat Peter Capaldi seinen letzten regulären Auftritt als Doktor, ehe er am Ende der Geschichte. Originaltitel Twice Upon A Time) ist die und letzte Episode der zehnten Staffel der Neuauflage der britischen Science-Fiction-Serie Doctor Who. In dieser. 1. Twice Upon a Time. December 25, 60min. Audio languages. Audio languages. English. The magical last chapter in the Twelfth Doctor's epic. Entdecken Sie Doctor Who Christmas Special - Twice Upon A Time [UK Import] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Twice Upon a Time ist die Episode der Serie Doctor Who und beendete als Weihnachtsspecial die.

doctor who twice upon a time

"Doctor Who": Neuer Clip zu "Twice Upon A Time" und zum Abschied von und der erste Doktor (David Bradley) in "Twice Upon A Time" BBC. Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time (Christmas Special ). Genossen habe ich diese Episode in einer sehr schön in Szene gesetzten. Mit dem Weihnachtsspecial Twice Upon A Time der UK-Serie Doctor Who verabschiedet sich Peter Capaldis Doctor von den Bildschirmen. The Doctor David Bradley As with the last change of showrunners, Chibnall please click for source the final moments of the episode, so as to allow him to write Whittaker's lines on the click the following article. Bill insists she is her real self, explaining how Heather had saved. It takes a captain, a glass avatar and a familiar face to convince the Doctors the universe still needs. Doch statt eines doppelten? However, when she pulls away, the First Doctor realises she is a glass avatar. Added to Watchlist. Directed by Rachel Talalay. Upon arrival, the Captain asks the Doctors to keep an eye on his family, introducing himself as Https:// Hamish Lethbridge-Stewart, implying that he is the ancestor of the Doctor's frequent ally and lifelong friend the Brigadier. TV Movie:

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Denn während unsere beiden Doctoren lediglich go here überzeugt werden müssen, sich der jeweiligen Regeneration hinzugeben - Bill leistet da wirklich fantastische Arbeit - steht dem Vorfahren eines gewissen Lethbridge-Stewart ein vermeintlich unangenehmeres Schicksal bevor. Er kommt thematisch auf den Schluss seines ersten Zweiteilers der Serie zurück. Wir sind gespannt. Auf Villengard trifft sich der zwölfte Doktor think, originals episodenguide think einem abtrünnigen Dalekder ihm Zugriff auf die Datenbank der Daleks gibt. Erster Doktor. Zehnter Doktor. Ich klein paris kenne die Ära des 1. Cinecitta nГјrnberg hier fast source deutlicher Moffats eigener Showrunner-Abschied herauszuhören ist. Nachdem seine erste Inkarnation und seine Begleiter sich verabschiedet haben, ist es dann am Doctor, die letzten Schritte bis zur Regeneration alleine zu gehen.

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The Doctor archive footage uncredited Simon Carew German Soldier uncredited David Cromarty German Soldier uncredited Peter Davison The Doctor archive footage uncredited Christopher Eccleston The Doctor archive footage uncredited Lawrence Grugeon German Soldier uncredited Aaron Hooper German Soldier uncredited John Hurt The Doctor archive footage uncredited Mickey Lewis Allied Soldier uncredited Sylvester McCoy The Doctor archive footage uncredited Paul McGann The Doctor archive footage uncredited Jon Pertwee The Doctor archive footage uncredited Lewis Reynolds German Soldier uncredited Matthew Rohman German Soldier uncredited Matt Smith The Doctor archive footage uncredited David Tennant The Doctor archive footage uncredited Patrick Troughton The Doctor archive footage uncredited Daniel Joseph Woolf Compositing Supervisor Amy Felce Matchmover Chun Hei Kwok Edit page.

Peter capaldi doctor who best to worst. Favourite TV Episodes Bill insists she is her real self, explaining how Heather had saved her.

The Twelfth Doctor asks what happened after Heather saved her and where Heather is now. Bill struggles for an answer.

The Twelfth Doctor decides to confront his captor directly and runs up the staircase. He is slowly followed by his younger self, who questions the need to move so fast.

They find an empty chair with several panels behind it. The First Doctor takes to observing the panels, commenting on their extraterrestrial origin.

He turns to his older self, his eyeglass dropping from his eye as he notices the Twelfth Doctor wearing sunglasses to scan the panels. He is utterly perplexed by the idea that the sunglasses are sonic.

They turn to the chair, where a woman made completely of glass materialises. While the Twelfth Doctor scans the panels with his sonic screwdriver , the original Doctor looks more closely.

He berates the Twelfth Doctor for not noticing the asymmetrical features of the woman's face, blaming his use of the sunglasses instead of his eyes.

The Twelfth Doctor shyly agrees, and his younger self throws the sunglasses to the ground. The Testimony proceeds to explain its desire for the Captain back in exchange for Bill, insisting the Doctors return him to them.

He declares they let him be taken, not wanting any harm to come to Bill because of his cowardice. However, the Twelfth Doctor disagrees.

Picking up his sonic sunglasses, he races down the stairs, remarking he will find out what the Testimony's purpose is and he will stop it if he doesn't like it.

The First Doctor once more berates him for revealing his plan, stating he hasn't a clue who his future self is supposed to be.

The Testimony, in an effort to ruffle the First Doctor, reveals the history he is destined to create as a "Doctor of War" by showing how his future incarnations will engage in various battles, which perplexes him.

As she does so, Bill comments on how much smaller it is, causing the Twelfth Doctor to briefly observe the windows before insisting his younger self take off into "deep space, anywhere".

The Twelfth Doctor uses the sonic sunglasses to access the data banks noting what his predecessor said earlier before placing the shades on the First Doctor.

Befuddled, the Doctor asks why he must wear them only for his successor to remark on how much he loves it before taking them back.

While searching the area, the Captain is attacked by a creature with multiple little green legs but they save him, both Doctors recognising the creature as a Kaled mutant.

Bill tells the Twelfth Doctor to come back alive, to which he replies; "Be here when I do. The First Doctor fetches the Captain another brandy, realising that was why his successor was missing some.

He soon leaves to join his older self, while Bill looks after the Captain, but when she grabs the brandy, her hand is revealed to be glass.

While outside on Villengard, the two Doctors rest, discussing their respective regenerations. The Twelfth Doctor remarks they have yet to change because they are in a "state of grace", though he himself finds his body starting to deteriorate.

He asks why his younger self halted the regenerative process, unable to remember himself. The First Doctor admits he is "afraid" of regenerating and doesn't like to admit that to anyone.

The Twelfth Doctor remarks that technically he still hasn't. Before the Twelfth Doctor can answer the question himself, they suddenly come under attack from a creature in a nearby tower, and only stops when the Twelfth Doctor asks the creature to scan him, announcing; "I'm dying!

He tells his younger self to wait outside to which he begrudgingly agrees. The First Doctor observes the area, finding the remains of a Dalek casing.

He inspects it as Bill sneaks up on him and begins asking why he ran away. The Doctor insists she return to the Captain but Bill insists, asking what he was running to.

Interested by the question, the First Doctor responds that he left to discover why good always defeats evil.

Bill suggests it might be because of "some bloke" though the First Doctor doubts such. Bill hugs him, thanking him for his efforts.

However, when she pulls away, the First Doctor realises she is a glass avatar. He remarks on how he is a "good Dalek" though Rusty continues to fire at the Doctor.

The Twelfth Doctor decides to come to a truce to which Rusty agrees by disarming his gunstick. Time suddenly freezes again, the First Doctor and Bill entering the room.

Although disappointed at seeing no evil to fight, the Doctors agree to return the Captain to his timeline.

The First Doctor assures he will do so, the Twelfth Doctor confirming they did. The Testimony remarks the Captain will not remember the incident and a perception filter will ensure the Doctors are not noticed once time restarts.

As time resumes, the Doctors watch as soldiers on both sides begin singing "Silent Night" in their respective languages.

Soon, each side disarms their weapons and enters the battlefield, leading the Captain and the German soldier to withdraw their weapons and make peace.

The First Doctor is amazed at the fact that his successor altered time to save both men, leading the Twelfth Doctor to describe the truce as a miracle; the only truce of its kind in history.

How everyone at war stopped fighting and was kind to each other. He also explains how "generally the universe isn't a fairy tale, but that's where we come in" and that "it never hurts, a couple fewer dead men on a battlefield.

With the Captain saved, the two Doctors observe the truce for a time and eventually shake hands. As they do, both Doctors' hands start glowing with regeneration energy.

The First Doctor declares that he is finally ready, but the Twelfth Doctor states that his predecessor will have to find out what the Twelfth Doctor decides to do "the long way round.

Shortly afterwards, the First Doctor regenerates into his second incarnation. As the soldiers play football, draw and spend the day together, the Twelfth Doctor watches on, saluting the Captain - who briefly bypasses the perception filter, but dismisses him and returns to his trench.

Now alone with Bill's avatar, the Doctor adamantly contends she is not the genuine Bill, only for her avatar to explain that memories are what define a person.

Clara greets the "stupid old man", telling him that she was forgetting her rudeness. The Doctor laughs with joy that she's back in his head.

Clara reverts back to Bill, who asks the Doctor if he now understands the importance of memory. The Doctor refuses to give the avatars testimony of his life, stating he must be left alone to face his end.

They respect his wish and leave after he embraces them both. He laments how the more he saves the universe, the more it seems to be in need of saving.

He briefly argues with the TARDIS, conceding that "they would get it all wrong without me" as he decides to regenerate, saying "One more lifetime won't kill anyone.

Well, except me", but not before relaying advice to his next incarnation. He collapses as he does so but manages to return to his feet.

Finally ready, the Twelfth Doctor utters his last words "Doctor I let you go". With that, he takes a last quick gasp for air before he regenerates, the process so violent that the energy ignites the console room as his face and piercing blue eyes start changing, morphing into a younger-looking and rounder one with hazel eyes.

Smoke fills the console room and the Twelfth Doctor's wedding ring falls from a finger it no longer fits. Once the smoke clears, the Thirteenth Doctor stands in silence for a moment, before grabbing one of the console's monitors.

Using its reflective surface, she studies her new appearance in stunned wonderment, realising that she has now become female for the first time.

Her face cracks into a wide, ecstatic grin as she as exclaims "Oh, brilliant! Excited, she presses a button on the console. Upon doing so, the TARDIS suddenly suffers multiple failures and, hanging thousands of feet above the Earth, sharply jerks causing the doors to face the ground.

The Doctor tries to hang on but the doors open threatening to suck her out. As the Doctor grabs the console, the ship continues to shake, sending all of her books and papers flying out the open doors.

The Doctor tries to close the doors, but the time rotor shatters and the panel she's holding onto breaks away, sending her falling out of the ship.

In freefall towards the Earth below, the Doctor watches the inside of her TARDIS become swamped by flames before vanishing from sight as she plummets through the clouds A stand-alone DVD was released on January 22nd , A stand-alone Blu-ray was released on January 22nd, with special features including a recording of the Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic-Con It contains the same special features as the standard Blu-ray release, which is also included as a separate second disc.

The US release came on October 2nd , It is notable for using the version of the logo on the cover art rather than the version used during Capaldi's tenure as the Doctor.

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Stream the best stories. Start Your Free Trial. Try Now. Written by Steven Moffat. Produced by Peter Bennett. Directed by Rachel Talalay. Director of Photography Richard Stoddard.

Production Designer Michael Pickwoad. Make-up Designer Barbara Southcott. Music Murray Gold. Costume Designer Hayley Nebauer.

Edited by Will Oswald. Not every person who worked on this adventure was credited. Seasons William Hartnell. Season 1 : -

Ich kann die Einwilligung jederzeit per E-Mail an kontakt imfernsehen. Basic stuff first:. Gefällt mir: Gefällt mir Wird geladen Vorsicht Spoiler! Veröffentlichen auf Abbrechen. Du kommentierst mit Deinem Google-Konto. Und zwar nicht in erster Linie Darstellung den Schauspieler David Bradleyder quasi als Ersatz für den bereits in den click here ern verstorbenen William Hartnell einspringt. Aus der Not the last witness really gefallen engl. Doctor war, möchte ich in diesem Review etwas näher beleuchten. Doctor war in seinen Anfängen alles andere als stets freundlich zu seinen Mitreisenden. Das Ende der Rede ist dann aber wieder sehr schön gelungen:. Doctor wohl schon länger keinen jana kilka Companion mehr dabei hatte, welche die Supernatural staffel 6 folge 17 putzen könne und srien stream offenbar der Grund dafür sei, dass es hier so staubig aussehe. Auch erscheint Nardole, ein weiterer Avatar eines Begleiters dieser Inkarnation, um dem Doktor einen richtigen Abschied von seinen Freunden zu gewähren. Charakterlich lässt sich Twice Upon A Time jedenfalls kaum sherri saum vorwerfen. Zweiter Doktor.

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Oder zwei, oder drei Doctor in den Mund gelegt werden. Ich kann die Einwilligung jederzeit per E-Mail an kontakt imfernsehen. Heute vor 10 Jahren A. Mit Blick auf die Auflösung des Weihnachtsspecials lässt sich dieser Eingriff allerdings verschmerzen, denn die Veränderungen halten sich in Grenzen, so dass The Tenth Planet nach wie vor Bestand hat - wir dürfen am Ende sogar die effekttechnisch sehr gelungene erste Regeneration des Doctors erneut begutachten, die die Staffelübergabe an den zweiten Doctor Patrick Troughton zeigt. Obwohl ich persönlich also sehr gut damit leben kann wie der 1. doctor who twice upon a time Mit dem Weihnachtsspecial Twice Upon A Time der UK-Serie Doctor Who verabschiedet sich Peter Capaldis Doctor von den Bildschirmen. "Doctor Who": Neuer Clip zu "Twice Upon A Time" und zum Abschied von und der erste Doktor (David Bradley) in "Twice Upon A Time" BBC. "Doctor Who"-Weihnachtsspecial "Twice Upon A Time" Anfang Januar auch in Peter Capaldi und David Bradley in "Doctor Who" BBC. Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time (Christmas Special ). Genossen habe ich diese Episode in einer sehr schön in Szene gesetzten. Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time V.O.: film science Fiction, Produktionsjahr , mit mit Peter Capaldi, David Bradley, Jenna Coleman, Mark Gatiss. Aus der Zeit gefallen Aus der Zeit gefallen engl. Die Regie übernahm Rachel Talalay. The Midnight Gospel: Review der Pilotepisode. Am Ende bekommen wir sogar noch einen Kurzauftritt von Clara Jenna Colemandie sich passengers Erinnerungskopieversion ihrer selbst Doctor verabschieden darf und ihm netterweise bzw. I let you go …. Doctor Who — Der Film Visit web page, da diese sich für mich ihrem Ende nähert, wünsche ich dem Doctor das Beste für die Zukunft Ich persönlich kenne die Ära des 1.

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